Awards time!

blind_spot_poster_CSAnoms_webLRBravo Gauchos!

Blind Spot; Moments Unseen has received 4 nominations this week at the 2016 Canadian Screen Awards!

• Best Photography in Documentary Program
– Kris Belchevski

• Best Picture Editing in Documentary Program
– Stefan Morel

• Best Original Music in Non-Fiction
– Whitehorse

• Best Sound in Non-Fiction
– Lance Schibler

The awards will be presented in Toronto, March 8th…fingers crossed!

Premiere night!

It was a dark and stormy Sunday night, complete with city-wide power outages and crackling skies.
A perfect occasion to huddle indoors around a movie screen with a lapful of popcorn, a glass of wine…and an enthusiastic audience of friends, family and local cinephiles.

The exclusive, one-night-only event featured an intimate concert with Whitehorse (Luke Doucet +  Melissa McClelland) who wrote and performed the original soundtrack for the film.

Also, for the first time in the history of the Bloor Cinema (and a very rare occurrence anywhere), the film was projected with a closed-circuit descriptive video broadcast (via personal headphones) for the visually-impaired audience.  After the show, the filmmakers participated in an open-mic Q+A, followed by an open-bar reception…


MOMENTSUNSEEN-010MOMENTSUNSEEN-013The screening was open to the public.

MOMENTSUNSEEN-014Bloor Cinema program.

MOMENTSUNSEEN-016MOMENTSUNSEEN-020The house awaits…all 700 seats.

MOMENTSUNSEEN-023_cropLeslie Haller (Producer), Stefan Morel (Director, Producer, Editor), Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet (Whitehorse).


Sound check.


Leslie Haller (Producer) and Heather A. Marshall (Executive Producer)


Cinephile guide dog.

MOMENTSUNSEEN-102 MOMENTSUNSEEN-103 MOMENTSUNSEEN-107Robin Smith (Programmer, Bloor Hot Docs Cinema) and Stefan Morel (Director, Producer, Editor)

MOMENTSUNSEEN-112_cropWhitehorse blow the roof (and the balcony) off the Bloor.

MOMENTSUNSEEN-114 MOMENTSUNSEEN-134_crop MOMENTSUNSEEN-140Thank yous from Heather A. Marshall (Executive Producer),  Leslie Haller (Producer) and Stefan Morel (Director, Producer, Editor)


Q+A with Stefan Morel (Director, Producer, Editor)


Blind Spot; Moments Unseen shoot

Blind Spot; Moments Unseen shoot Featured Image

After 2 years of development, preparation and anticipation, our team travelled to Argentina to shoot the principal photography for Blind Spot; Moments Unseen. The film crew arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, followed by the visually-impaired riders Ruth, Terry and Carly. The next day, the team caught a cross-country flight to Neuquen (see map).

From Neuquen, it was a day-long, dirt-road drive to Buta Mallin (a goat-herder’s outpost) where the riders and film crew met expedition leader T.A. Carrithers, his crew chief Victor and the three guides Brett, Kyala and Stephanie.

We mounted our horses and rode by moonlight to the expedition home base: Estancia Ranquilco.

During the first few days on the ranch, the blind riders received intensive horsemanship training and developed navigational techniques with their guides. On March 15th, the expedition team hit the trail for a 10-day mountain trek though the Andes for a once-in a lifetime adventure.

The Argentina shoot wrapped on April 1.