Blind Spot Moments Unseen


Approximate runtime 20 minutes
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Journey by horseback into the heart of the Andes with three blind riders. There is more to seeing than sight.

Blind Spot Moments Unseen

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Blind Spot; Moments Unseen is a multi-platform documentary about the epic, horse-powered trek of adventurers united by trust and courage.

During a 3 week guided expedition in the wilderness of Argentina’s Northern Patagonia, the riders chart a route of inner exploration where blindness leads to clarity and adversity creates possibility. The interactive documentary opens an accessible trail into the Andes. Each user determines the narrative chronology of the story. Non-linear time is measured in 10 chapters that focus on the personal, the unexpected and the thrilling. Private insights become collective achievements captured in photographs, anecdotes and the silence between words. Ride the winds of the Cordillera to map your journey. Learn more about the project and our approach to accessible web design.