"I came here with a purpose. I’m here to be here."

- Terry
Descriptive Text

At the edge of a lagoon, Hugo and Terry cast fishing lines wrapped around a tin can. Carly and Ruth ride bareback through shallow water. Terry also tries to mount bareback, but struggles alone until Brett gives him a leg up.

: The riders overcome dust swarms during their final miles homeward.

For a sighted person, even a simple blindfold can severely compromise mobility, and elicit unexpected emotional struggles. Yet, the exercise can open interpretive avenues, foster solidarity, encourage communal trust and awaken spiritual evolution. When faced with adversity, a group can quickly develop a common purpose, which then enables individual empowerment.

The physical challenge of blindly navigating such treacherous mountain terrain on horseback merely highlights the often self-deceptive way we choose to perceive everyday obstacles.

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