"I feel very connected to this earth right here, I feel connected to the sky, and the wind."

- Ruth
  • Cozy in her poncho, Ruth enjoys a solitary moment to meditate in the valley.
  • Ruth tiptoes barefoot through the marshy grasses of the Pampas.
  • Within reach of snow-capped mountains, the expedition team slowly ascends towards their first summit.

Ruth explains how she has now arrived.

Descriptive Text

Seen from a distance, the expedition slowly makes its way up a steep slope made of broken chunks of rock.  A close view focuses on the bobbing head of Ruth’s grey horse, then it’s hooves, as it climbs the slope one steady foot after another.

Finally above the tree line, the expedition team advances along the loose gravel of a high mountain pass.

Despite the trust that exists between a blind rider and his horse, neither of them can find their way through the mountains alone. They need to be pointed in the right direction. While T.A. leads the expedition, a guide accompanies each rider. The sighted guides shadow the blind riders every step of the way, coaching their every move. The constant communication between sighted guide and blind rider, enables the safe navigation of the trails for everyone.

"For me, it’s easier just to smell things, and listen. I guess that’s the way I’ve adapted."

- Carly
  • Carly traverses a narrow ridge to begin the perilous climb to the first summit.
  • Hats down against the fierce winds, the riders push past blowing sand towards the valley beyond.
  • Carly and Kyala gallop together towards the setting sun.

Carly describes what she sees.

Descriptive Text

A wide, steep-sided valley stretches away into the distance below a blue sky dotted with white fluffy clouds.  Looking up the rocky slope, Carly crosses a ridge along a high altitude pass.

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