"The wind just totally shuts everything down for me."

- Terry
Descriptive Text

The trail rises and falls; it is irregular and unpredictable; it deceives but rewards. Each step provides an answer only to raise new questions. The rhythm of hooves, the omnipresent winds, the scent of a horse’s wet mane charging through water…every moment is captured in the mind’s eye.

The winds of the Cordillera.

  • Panoramic view of an endless horizon; in the distance, the caravan crosses the Pampas.
  • Dwarfed by the mountains and rocky cliffs, the riders hug a steep slope.
  • Two Gauchos adjust a mule’s windblown supply load.
  • A low sun casts an eerie glow silhouetting the hills; wild horses gallop across the Pampas.

The premise of blind sightseeing may seem counter-intuitive, but it is possible to divine what you can’t see. Deep within us all, a familiar picture can emerge from our non-visual senses, like a shy memory hiding behind the eyes: its visual imprint forever on your retina, a mere fraction of the resulting image in your mind.

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