Terry Kelly

Singer, songwriter, keynote speaker
Halifax, NS
Blind since age 2

  • Terry relaxes with the herd of Criollo horses.
  • Along the shores of a lagoon, Terry rides bareback while Brett walks by his side.
  • Aided by his white cane, Terry explores the campsite.

Terry describes his childhood.


Terry is passionate about accessibility and the fullness of sensory experience. He works as a motivational speaker, professional musician and outspoken advocate for literacy. Terry lost his sight at the age of 2. Now he considers himself a “whole-body seer” through the use of echolocation. A gifted fireside raconteur, Terry’s unique way of interpreting the world is infectious.

Brett nurtures his unspoken connection with Terry.

Close-up portrait of Brett with his horse.

"I love the wind. It tests makes me feel alive. It’s the lifeblood of our atmosphere and I like being a part of that. With Terry, the balance between silence and language was essential to our understanding of each other. I wanted the landscape to speak to Terry through his horse."

- Brett Lovelace / Terry’s Guide

Ruth Bieber

Counselling therapist, author, artist
Kelowna, BC
Legally blind since age 6
Light perception only

  • Close-up portrait of Ruth; her hypnotic green/blue eyes are transfixing.
  • On the shores of an autumnal mountain lagoon, Ruth rides bareback.
  • Campfire smoke diffuses the sunrise, while Ruth packs mules with T.A. and Victor.

Ruth describes her loss of sight.


Philosophical Ruth knows how to read a room. A professional counseling and rehab therapist, Ruth focuses her practice on clients with disabilities, in search of innovative therapeutic modalities...hence her curiosity about horses. A published author and mixed media artist, Ruth’s creativity has led her to a deeper insight about the human condition.

Close-up portrait of Stephanie with her horse.

"Horses are my therapy. It’s a way to build confidence and be humbled, all at once. They are forgiving souls. Ruth guides me to see beyond the surface of things. I hope to teach Ruth everything I know and feel about horses; because for me, it begins with a feeling."

- Stephanie Fillekes / Ruth’s Guide

Carly J. Grigg

RMT, competitive para-equestrian
Victoria, BC
Legally blind: age 7
Remaining vision: 4%

  • Portrait of Carly keeping warm in her poncho.
  • On the shores of an autumnal mountain lagoon, Carly rides bareback.
  • Led by her guide Kyala, Carly and the other riders cross a river.

Carly shares her fears about sight loss.


Carly is a gregarious, visually impaired para-athlete who has medaled internationally in downhill ski, and now hopes to podium in the Paralympics for equestrian dressage. In her spare time, she also enjoys deep-sea diving and hiking. Carly suffers from mitochondrial disease. Though sight-impaired since grade 2, she has always looked beyond her own limits.

Kyala confides that Carly sees what she can’t.

Close-up portrait of Kyala.

"Sometimes, seeing something clearly isn’t the same as seeing it truly. The guide role presupposes an untruth: that the best way to help is to take responsibility for someone else. Expedition is about discovery and taking place in the wild; we set out to discover something…not just outside, but inside."

- Kyala Shea / Carly’s Guide

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