Expert horseman and wilderness survival guide T.A. Carrithers, leads the expedition into northern Patagonia’s back-country.

On a chilly afternoon, T.A. stands proudly alongside his horse Angus, framed by snow-capped mountains.

The team travels from Estancia Ranquilco – a remote, working cattle ranch in the Andean foothills of Argentina – along meandering goat trails and high mountain passes, up to elevations of 8500 ft. Scheduled by sunrise, horses and shelter, they abandon themselves to the present.

  • Panoramic view of a sun-drenched mountain plateau that dwarfs the riders.
  • Caravan of riders advances single-file, towards horizon.
  • Glimpsed in the distance between a cleft in rocks, the riders climb a rocky slope.
  • The caravan of riders crosses the pampas in the shadow of cumulus clouds.

The riders brave unpredictable weather, dangerous mountain terrain, temperamental horses, and rudimentary camping conditions. A local gaucho prepares an impromptu asado and joins the group for morning maté.

  • At sunset, riders approach their riverside campsite.
  • Panoramic view of riders alongside river.
  • Close-up of cream-colored horse staring into camera.
  • Under ominous skies, the riders cross fields of bunch grass in the Andes foothills.

Patagonia’s vast horizons present a canvas of dualities, where the poetry of man’s inner visual experience is depicted equally by large spectacle and humanizing intimacy. Blind Spot; Moments Unseen is a pilgrimage to discover the primeval connection between humans and horses. When horse and rider are in sync, they share a therapeutic dialogue of instinct and energy in a non-verbal agreement of mutual respect. This complex intersection of intentions - of mirrored trust - enables both rider and horse to navigate their shared path.

The caravan of riders, horses and mules departs for the long 7-day climb towards the 3500-metre summit. Silhouetted against the early morning light, they ride single-file, quietly contemplating the journey ahead. By midday, they reach a lush valley of wildflowers, having now conquered their first few kilometers on horseback. For lunch, a humble tea biscuit tastes like a hero’s feast. The winds begin to howl, so they make haste, hoping to reach their first campsite by dusk: a cozy pasture by a freshwater stream. Laughter, campfire songs and communal flasks toast their inaugural day on the trail. Countless challenges await.

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