"I believe there’s a great potential for the human connection with the natural world to become a window into our own selves."

- T.A.
Descriptive Text

Carly, Ruth and Terry lead the expedition team for a campfire celebration while a gaucho plays guitar and sings.  Clasping hands, a man and woman dance together.  Everyone laughs, sings, drinks wine and dances by firelight.  A flashback sequence of slow motion images of the expedition guides riding galloping horses along the sunny lagoon shore.

"I’m very much a visual person, but I also pay attention to other things. There’s always something to improve, and things I need to surrender to become more self-accepting of my vision loss. I still find things beautiful and amazing and breathtaking...it’s about observing what you can."

- Carly
Ruth, Carly and Terry share a laugh over morning maté.

"This land will echo in my soul until the day I die. The experience with the horses will echo in my memory"

- Ruth

"Darkness creates a feeling as does light. We all have light within us.
Life is my light...being."

- Terry
  • Like a victorious cavalry of heroes, the riders stand side-by-side, silhouetted against a cloudless, cerulean sky.
  • Hugo wades into the shoreline shallows of a lagoon to cast his fishing line.
  • United by their extraordinary achievement, the 10 riders boldly ford a river.