At twilight, the wind leans on your ear, mutes your breath, numbs your tears.
Omniscient skies impose direction; a murmur, a rumble, a crash...then silence.
Distant hooves tremor with ancient fury.
Sage dust drifts on the muddy horizon.
As night emerges, the song of the Cordillera echoes within you.

Descriptive Text

Blackness slowly fades up to a low angle view drifting through blades of grass. Dusk falls under a stormy sky. The view floats towards a silhouetted figure on horseback hunching beside a small stream. Wearing a black poncho and a cowboy hat, the figure urges the horse onward through the tall, wet grass. In slow motion, the horse leaps over the stream then moves away up a gentle slope. The moon peeks through the fog.

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